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Face & Body Wash - Hand Sanitizer - Face Cream - Aloe Vera Gel
Silver Spray

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Hand Wash, Silver Colloid Antibacterial, Anti Viral




50 ml Hand Wash Spray


125 ml Hand Wash Spray



Silver Colloid Antibacterial, Anti Fungal Liquid Pumps & Sprays



Aloe Vera Gel with Silver



Silver Colloid Face & Body Wash Fragrance Free


Silver Colloid Face & Body Wash Peperminy Fragrance


Silver Colloid Face & Body Wash Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Lime & Orange Fragrance







Authorised SILVERHEALTH Distributor

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WENATEX Townsville Healthy Sleep Centre

272 Ross River Rd, (Cnr Anne Street) Aitkenvale.

Call 0418 729 768, email mal@relache.com.au

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