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Mal Short MBA AIMM
Paul Harris Fellow

Owner Manager Relache Pty Ltd, and WENATEX Townsville

After a number of years on Radio and in the Motorcycle industry in North Queensland in the 1970's, Mal has spent his career in the IT and Training industry in a variety of sales and management positions including Computer Division Manager at Remington, NBI, National Sales and Marketing Manager for US based specialist software and services provider, NCS Australasia, and more recently National Sales manager with Process improvement specialists, Dataract. With over 20 years experience his earlier career included broad management experience in all facets of the IT industry including Branch start-up roles, new product launches, implementation and bid team management with FileNET, Canon, the BPA Group and Dataract. Mal has wide software and solution experience in workflow, imaging, data capture, character recognition and business automation solutions.

Mal also provided the training for Wenatex, an Austrian Orthopaedic sleep system manufacturer, who's Sleep Consultants conduct seminars on how to improve the quality of sleep and address the Orthopaedic, Hygienic and Homeopathic sleep environment and is a Foundation Member of the Sleep Health Foundation of Australia. Mal delivered over 10,000 hrs of training for Wenatex over the past 15 years. Mal and Marina now own and manage the WENATEX Townsville Healthy Sleep centre. (click here for NQ Progress 2019)

Relache provided highly customised sales training programs e-Learning Modules and consulting for organizations who require results oriented training outcomes and professionally trained sales people. Mal is a Certified NLP Master Practitioner and a Certified NLP Trainer in Training & Presentation Skills.

The multi layered training approach also utilizes the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming. (Mal is a Certified Member of the Australian Board Of Neuro Linguistic Programming) NLP ensures that we learn in a way which facilitates "knowledge transfer" via our conscious and subconscious senses so that we process information with greater clarity and understanding. Mal is an accomplished speaker, trainer and communicator and is a member of the National Speakers Association of Australia.

The results of using Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic skills and ability provides extremely successful long term benefits. Graduates of the training have the qualities required not only to perform at the highest sales levels but also the skills to process information to determine the way to use language to communicate and improve personal and business relationships, interaction with colleagues, more effective sales outcomes and negotiations and build long term rapport and mutually beneficial customer relationships.

Relache trained salespeople become highly successful sales consultants who are able to help people "sell" themselves on your product and services.

"I recently had the pleasure of being part of a training group being facilitated by Mal Short and was able to observe him close hand over a two week intense training course. I found the program stimulating, educational and importantly relevant to the purpose and ideals of the company he represented.

He is a committed, hardworking, confident trainer and facilitator with the ability to adapt a program to the needs of the group or an individual requiring special attention. His assessment was was constructive, insightful and very beneficial to ensure the learning can be applied into the future.

I can only admire the clarity of his diction, his acuity in front of an audience and his capacity to weave people into a discussion. I thank Mal for his enthusiasm and encouragement; it was a delight to work with a true professional".

Many former colleagues and staff still work with and recommend Mal's services. Many customers continue to seek out his experience and expertise and references include testament to his skills, Mal has been a Rotarian for over 30 years and was honored with a Paul Harris Fellowship in 1995.:

"Mal has indelibly made his mark within the company, testaments to his legacy can be found prominently hanging on every office wall, Mal is owed a debt of gratitude for helping to steer the company from it's origins, his shadow will be around for a very long time,"

Joseph Miceli Managing Director, NCS Australasia

Mal intimately understands the concept of "customer focus" to actually meet clients "business benefits" Many of the sales and management methodologies adopted by clients have been developed over years of "customer focused selling". This principle has achieved outstanding results not only directly, with software and solution sales over $5M in Queensland in recent years, but also for other organisations since. This customer focus to meet and exceed clients expectations is also echoed in client testimonials.

"getting a system like this to work involves a lot more than buying software and equipment, you have to get . design. interfaces, batch procedures sorted out before you have a working system. I am impressed with your involvement in all aspects of the system right from the planning stage through to the operational phase. I especially appreciate the fact that you were willing to respond almost immediately to service requests and worked many a night to ensure the system performs well. please feel free to use us as a reference, we gladly endorse excellence" -

Julius Bergh
Computer Systems Manager. Boystown Art Union.

Mal, via Relache now has a number of Retail and Wholesale businesses and provides Training & Consulting services to Businesses who want to grow and improve customer satisfaction and performance, specialising in;

Sales Management
Sales Plans, Marketing Plans, Product Launches
Sales training and team motivation.
e-Learning Module design and delivery.
Alliance management, Customer Satisfaction, Sales and Marketing consulting
Sleep consulting to improve the quality of sleep.

Product Representation
Specialised marketing products, workflow and imaging software,
data capture software and services.

Independent sales and marketing solutions for;
Information Technology
Workflow and Imaging solutions
Data capture solutions

Considered forthright, disciplined, with a reputation for integrity, you will find Mal's results speak for themselves in transferring a highly successful track record in hands-on sales and management to your organisation with commitment and determination using sound business and management skills.





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